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27 july

My view on the Future of SAP HANA

SAP HANA will take over the world. Well, the SAP World that is...


I've been highly interested in SAP HANA since I first heard about it a few years ago.


Since attending infosessions on SAP Teched 2012 in Madrid, seeing business cases, company presentations and Keynotes from SAP itself, I became more and more intrigued by what SAP HANA is and what it can do.


One statement stuck to my head: "The idea behind SAP HANA is getting rid of Batch jobs".


When you think about it this only means one thing. That customers choosing to eventually migrate to SAP HANA should really consider migrating all SAP Business Suite applications towards SAP HANA and running everything on a SAP HANA platform


Imagine, having a ECC system connected to a SAP HANA DB, together with a BW and CRM system. This gives you realtime data exchange without having to run overnight batch loads leading to out dated numbers and business data before even consulting them.


SAP HANA puts the business even more in the driving seat since you've got your hands on the live data. Moreover you go from a reactive situation into a proactive situation. 


Where do I position myself in the SAP HANA universe? Well, I've achieved my SAP OS/DB Migration certificate in December 2012. And since the moment I booked that course I've done some thinking. Why not to specialize in migrations from conventional DB's towards SAP HANA?


I've followed the HA100R introduction course, plan to follow the new HA200 course to finally be able to obtain my SAP HANA certification.


Let's hope the future brings some SAP HANA experience and opportunities my way. ;-)


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08 june

Execute OS Commands from within SAP

All of you BC Administrators out there probably know the situation in which you need some info from the OS, but are not allowed to access the OS (due to several reasons).


Well, then this tool will definitely help you out:


Just go to SE38 and execute "RSBDCOS0". you'll be able to execute all allowed commands for the sidadm user.


The commands are logged in SM21, for security reasons.


Another useful tool is "RSORADJV", which shows SQL prompt


Have fun and enjoy!

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16 april

SAP and Ice Hockey

I stumbled upon this little article on and since ice hockey has a special place in my life I'd figure it would be worth mentioning. This is a perfect example of the versatility of SAP:


 Ice hockey team implements SAP Business All-in-One


The top-flight German hockey team Iserlohn Roosters implemented SAP Business All-in-One. During the implementation they had to import data from different individual applications and interlink figures from various sales areas.


SAP Business All-in-One now automates order management and provides the hockey organization with daily reporting on sponsorship money, shop receipts, and ticket revenues. The solution also includes an interface for barcode printers and point-of-sale systems.


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