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18 march

How to force Microsoft Excel to open files in new window

A lot of people working with SAP and office know the drill...


You want to copy data from SAP into Excel, but in the meantime you have another window open. 


The biggest problem is that the default behavior of Excel is not the most user friendly one. It opens every sheet in the same program window, causing me frustration.


So when scanning the internet I found the following:


Give it a try, it works ;-) Take it from me



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16 april

SAP and Ice Hockey

I stumbled upon this little article on and since ice hockey has a special place in my life I'd figure it would be worth mentioning. This is a perfect example of the versatility of SAP:


 Ice hockey team implements SAP Business All-in-One


The top-flight German hockey team Iserlohn Roosters implemented SAP Business All-in-One. During the implementation they had to import data from different individual applications and interlink figures from various sales areas.


SAP Business All-in-One now automates order management and provides the hockey organization with daily reporting on sponsorship money, shop receipts, and ticket revenues. The solution also includes an interface for barcode printers and point-of-sale systems.


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