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SAP HANA (who the f... is SAP HANA)?

Basically SAP HANA is a "In-Memory Business Data Management". Since the introduction of 64bit Operating systems and software the memory limitations have practically disappeared and leveled the road for using DB's which are stored in memory.


On the following links you'll find an interesting overview on the way SAP is thinking of using SAP HANA with BW 7.3. In some companies it will replace the existing BW installations running on the conventional DBs (ORACLE, MS SQL,...) since some SAP customers are noticing that they don't need the reporting functionalities of a their SAP BW systems anymore.  BW itself will never completely disappear, since the necesarry data manipulations you can do with the current SAP BW solutions will still be necessary.


For more info, just have a look on the following links:


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