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21 march

SapGui on your iDevice (iPhone or iPad)

This little app is a great tool that makes it possible for you to access your SAP system using your beloved iPhone or iPad.


It uses the SAP Webgui (the ITS interface) and gives you access to the transactions you want. In my case I find it quite useful since BC Consultants almost alway access their transactions using the TID itself. Whereas end users will mostly go through the menu.


There lies the only flaw in the program and that is the fact the links in the SAP menu aren't working since iOS devices don't support the double click command as computer based browsers do. The author has published a workaround which proves to be functioning, so it's worth having a look.


To obtain the application you can just go to the App Store and look for SAPPLAPP. It costs 0,79€.


All credits for this app go to the author Thorsten Esser.


Go to his website for more info:

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